Who is Tremmell Darden? Tremmell is a 33yr old professional basketball player from the city of las vegas and graduate from Las Vegas HS. The 6’5 220 solid muscle slasher has been a winner since he started his career. He’s played with some of the best teams in the world with latest jobs with Real Madrid and Olympiacos. Other than the NBA the Euroleague is the next best league by far and plenty of the their teams compete against NBA teams in exhibition games to help them prepare against top tier competition. The interesting story about Tremmell is nobody in the city knows him really… well only the guys who grew up in his era at least. Even then a lot of those guys who know him didn’t even know he still played ball. He is easily one of the most successful basketball players to come out the city to have never played a day in the NBA. One day after one of our workouts a few years ago he was telling me how he wouldn’t play NBA 2k with his kids until he was on the game. Long story short the next year NBA 2k put the best euroleague teams in the world on 2k so guess whose been on 2k ever since? Tremmell Darden. Every hoopers dream is to play as themselves on 2k of course I think it’s the dopest thing in the world that his kids can play as his daddy on the game. Who would’ve thought? Just a guy from Vegas who never gave up the dream. He wasn’t recruited much in high school ended up going to a small D1 Niagra Univ, started his pro career at the bottom but made it to the TOP. One of the hardest werkers and an intelligent master mind on the court. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls meet Tremmell Darden! Do your research!- by Karlton Grant


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